Now that you have gathered enough inspiration from Pinterest, picked a date, and chosen a theme, it is time to narrow down the guest list for your bridal shower. Some people are obvious invites like your bridal party, close family, and close friends, but what about everyone else in your life? Here is a guide to help you answer that question and make sure you do not leave anyone out.

Make it an intimate gathering

The shower is meant to be for your nearest and dearest. You do not have to feel obligated to invite people outside of your bridal party, close family, and close friends. Unless you truly have a close relationship with them, you do not have to invite the groomsmen’s significant others or your siblings’ friends. The event should be a good mix of the family and friends you know best. After all, how will your guests win any shower games if they do not know you well?

Consult the bridal shower host

It is ultimately up to the host to decide how many guests they feel comfortable having there. You should discuss the guest number with them since they will be footing the bill. How many guests you are permitted to bring will be a factor in who makes the cut. After talking to the host, you may have to extend invites to people you are not as close with. For example, if your in-laws are hosting, they will want to include more people on their side. You will have to strike a balance with your host between both of your guest lists.

Have multiple bridal showers

If you cannot fit all of the guests you want in one shower, it is perfectly fine to have a few showers. This is especially helpful if you have far more family than friends attending or vice versa. Consider having a shower for family and another for friends, especially if you have both a friend and family member who want to host.

Going to a shower

If you find yourself in a situation where you got an invitation to a shower that is far away or for a bride you do not know well, you do not have to feel guilty about not wanting to go. The purpose of a bridal shower is to “shower” the bride with gifts that will help her get started in her married life. The event is centred on gifts, which is why they should remain an intimate affair. Although, some bridal shower hosts may be liberal about who they hand invites to out of fear of leaving anyone out, and not because they are trying to get more gifts for the bride. Regardless, you do not have to attend a far away shower or send a gift in lieu of your presence to people you do not feel as close to as you would your close friends and family.

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