There are endless types of dresses you can choose from as a bride-to-be, but most of them fall under just a few styles. Figuring out which style you like the most can help you narrow down your dress selections. Here are the most popular bridal styles right now:



If lace and frills are not your vibe, then a sleek silhouette might be. Look to the 90s if you want inspiration of dresses with clean lines and subtle details. Think A-line or sheath silhouettes and dresses with rigid fabrics like heavy satin to for a sharp silhouette. This style is ideal if you like timeless elegance over fleeting trends and consider yourself a rational person.



This is for the bride who wants to highlight love on her big day. If your wedding is a day you have dreamed about since you were a little girl, then this still will suit you best. It is for people who consider themselves a hopeless romantic and view the world through rose-coloured glasses. To master this look, choose a dress with lighter fabrics like tulle and chiffon and opt for layers. If you are a more playful person, consider dresses in blush hues as well.



If you adore fashion from decades ago and idolize the silver screen stars of the 30s and 40s, the vintage style is for you. Opt for sequins and beading if you like the flapper look and accessorize with vintage-inspired shoes, gloves, and a veil. Many bridal designers create looks inspired by vintage fashion. This style is perfect for brides who have always thought they were born in the wrong decade.



If you think of your style as the exact opposite of vintage then, naturally, modern fashions would suit you better. This style is for the girl who subscribes to Vogue and Elle magazines and follows the “it girls” on Instagram. If you loved the outfits on Gossip Girl, consider going for a wedding dress with see-through, light fabrics with plenty of illusion lace.



If your style has always been different from most people, then a traditional wedding dress might bore you. Consider choosing a wedding dress that is not white or one with alternative cuts. Your family and friends are bound to be excited to see what unique dress you have chosen.



If you are comfortable in your skin and like to flaunt what you have, a sensual look may be for you. Dresses with deep Vs, scooped backs, and transparent fabrics in a form-fitting silhouette exude sensuality. But, looking sexy is not always about putting everything on display. Sometimes, a suggestion is more titillating than a reveal.



If you are a free spirit and prefer in-person interactions to social media, then the bohemian look is right up your ally. It is inspired by fashion and music from the 60s and 70s. Bridal dresses in this style have flowy cuts and breathable fabrics that catch the breeze.

Before you start dress shopping, carefully consider which of these bridal styles is most like you. Once you have decided, start your dress hunting at Bella Mia Bridal. We are bridal stores based in Hamilton and have dresses in every one of these styles will plus size wedding dresses as well. Call us today to book an appointment.