Planning a bachelorette party can be quite a big task. After all, it is the beginning of the wedding festivities and when your friend is getting married, you want it to be a memorable experience. However, modern-day bachelorette parties are anything but a low affair. People are getting more and more creative with party ideas, whether it is having a bridesmaid movie-like destination bachelorette party or a simple garden bachelorette party. Here are the top things to think about when planning a bachelorette party

Who to invite

Traditionally, a bachelorette party is an intimate affair and most people prefer to invite only their close bunch of friends for this celebration. When planning a guest list, think about who you would like to share this special moment with. If your bridesmaid is planning your bachelorette party, let her know who needs to be invited. It may be possible that your bridesmaid is not familiar with a few of your close friends. Make sure you provide contacts and make it easy for her to plan a guest list. It is advisable to send out invitations at least three weeks before the date of the bachelorette party so that your friends can plan accordingly.


One of the most important things to think about is the location. It could be any place like a farm or a resort or even a club where you can think about hosting a bachelorette party. Many modern-day brides prefer a more private gathering amidst a park or a private farmhouse where they can gather and have a more intimate celebration. No matter where you decide to have the party, if you have to do bookings, it is important to do it much in advance to avoid disappointment.


If you have chosen a farmhouse or a resort, it is important to organize the mode of transportation for your guests. At least one week prior, make sure that the guests have RSVP’d so that you have an exact headcount of the attendees. You can think about hiring a minibus or a limousine to transport all guests to the destination. Many bachelorette parties are a day-long affair with stopovers at many scenic spots or a pub crawl. No matter what your idea is, make sure that you organize the transport end to end so that your guests feel comfortable.


A lot will depend on the theme of your party. This includes deciding on the food, drinks, and outfits. Understandably, you want to keep the proceedings of the party a surprise but it is important to give a hint of what the celebration will be like to your guests through your invitation. The last thing you want is someone to be uncomfortable because they are not dressed suitably or are completely new to certain food that you are serving. Giving a schedule with the invite, especially if you have a day-long party with many stopovers, can help your guests to plan and be comfortable. For instance, the dress for an outdoor party during the day will be different than the attire for a club crawl. Ensuring your guests’ comfort is a must. You can also include your contact number in case any of the guests have questions regarding the day.

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