The season plays a big role in your wedding day and regardless of the date and the time of year you choose, whether it’s fall, winter, spring or summer, you’ll want to be both glamorous and comfortable. This can be achieved by selecting the right fabrics, colours and textures that are appropriate for the season and reflect your style.

Fall is a beautiful season because of the crisp air and vibrant colours. The beautiful reds and oranges that are present in the leaves and trees mean you can select darker colours that are appropriate for the season like a nice plum or a deep ivory. You can even select gold and glitter because it’s a time of year where nature has a lot to offer and you can incorporate this theme into your décor as well as your style. There are endless possibilities when it comes to wedding dresses! Fall can be a little chilly but also mild, which is why a soft tulle gown is perfect for that temperature. You can have multiple layers to your dress and the tulle will still allow you to be cool and airy.

Summer is a very popular wedding season because many people like the warmth and want their wedding to be on a beautiful, sunny day. Due to the hot temperatures, you’ll want light fabrics to help keep you cool. You don’t want to feel like you’re melting from the heat on your wedding day, which is why materials like silk crepe or Spanish tulle are perfect to help you beat the heat. Lighter colours and white ivory are also more appropriate for the summer as are delicate lace details that look lovely in the summertime.

The winter season will provide your special day with a magical atmosphere thanks to the white snow and icy blues that are present at that time of year. To complement the season you can incorporate a lot of sparkle and combine them with dark colours to create a unique winter theme. As a bride, you’ll have to be prepared for the cold weather so that you stay as warm. Select a gown with sleeves and don’t be afraid of incorporating a stylish accessory like a caplet or a faux fur wrap that will look stunning during the outdoor photography session while keeping you warm too.

Finally, if you choose to do a spring wedding, you can wear a tulle gown with textured lace along with a lot of floral elements to really complement the season and reflect what nature has to offer during the beautiful season of spring.

Regardless of which season you choose for your special day, Bella Mia Bridal in Hamilton can help you select the perfect gown that is both stunning and appropriate. Whether you’re petite or plus size wedding dresses, visit these beautiful bridal stores to find your dream dress!