One of the best parts of a bridal shower is the games – assuming they are well-planned and suit the guests in attendance. Choosing games that do not work well with your crowd can make for an awkward event for people. Bridal shower games should be fun, but they can also be an excellent way for your guests to get to know you and your groom better. It is especially helpful for guests who have only met either of you a few times. That way, when the big day arrives, your guests will feel even more connected to you and your beau’s love story. You are sure to find the right combination of games on this list that will keep your guests entertained.

He Said, She Said

This one is probably the most played games at a bridal shower, and for a good reason. It makes guests think about the personalities of the bride and groom and help people who are unfamiliar with either get to know them better. Simply hand out cards with questions on them and make guests answer with either the bride or groom. An example question could be, “who is messier?”

Find the Guest

The bridal shower might be the first time some guests are meeting each other. This game will help break the ice and get everyone interacting. Every guest receives a checklist that they have to complete in an allotted amount of time. The list could include, “has more than three kids,” or “is wearing blue shoes.” Guests must work the room and get the name of a person the fact applies to.

Where Are We?

You could hang up around 10 pictures of the engaged couple from various trips they took. Have guests guess where each photo was taken.

The Best Cocktail

Set up a full bar and divide guests into teams. Have them compete against each other to concoct the best cocktail. The bride-to-be then samples each drink and choose her favourite to feature at her wedding. The winning team also gets bragging rights at the bar.


Have a list of questions about the couple’s relationship and tape the groom-to-be’s response on video. First, have the future bride respond with her answer and then play the groom’s clip after. Questions could be “who paid for the first date,” or “when did we first meet?” Just remember not to share too much information and keep it on the cleaner side for conservative guests.

Whose Memory?

Have each guest write down a memory they share with the bride and put them in a basket. The bride then reads them aloud, and guests have to guess who the memory belongs to.

How Well Does the Bride (Really) Know the Groom?

Have the groom answer a list of questions about himself. Without letting the bride see the answers, have her guess his responses. The guests can guess how many answers the bride will get right. Questions could be “What is the groom’s favourite sports team” or “what was the groom’s first job?”

Now that you have your shower games sorted, you can focus on finding the perfect dress. At Bella Mia Bridal, we will do everything possible to make sure you find the gown of your dreams.