The process of finding the wedding dress of your dreams can feel overwhelming. There are many things to factor in, which can all make the task seem even more daunting. Luckily for you, this blog post breaks down all of the important information you should consider before going wedding dress shopping. Keep reading to learn more!

Find What You Like

Conduct research to compile a collage of all your favourite dresses. You can flip through magazines, browse bridal boutiques online, explore on Pinterest, or even check out what celebrity brides wore to their wedding. Next, figure out what all of the dresses have in common and voila – you know the exact wedding dress style that you should be looking out for.

Keep an Open Mind

In most cases, women will have a fixed idea of what they want their wedding gown to look like, down to the most minor details. However, after trying it on, they realize they do not love it nearly as much as they thought they would. Instead, they end up falling for something else that is far from anything they ever imagined. It is important to be open-minded while doing wedding dress shopping, since your ideal dress may not be what you expected it to be.

Prepare Yourself for Bridal Sizing

Before bridal sizing, you should keep in mind that your gown’s number will usually be one to two sizes higher than your regular size. If you have your mindset on losing weight prior to your wedding day, rather than aiming for a smaller size, shop for dresses in your current size. That way, it will be easier to wear the dress instead of trying to work with one that is too tight and uncomfortable.

Shop Early – But Not Too Early

It takes from four to eight months to produce a gown – but that is not the end of it. After it arrives, the gown requires additional time for alterations and accessorizing. Even though it is preferable to purchase your gown in advance, do not go out to buy it too early on. For example, if you end up having a long engagement and immediately buy your wedding gown, it might be out of style by the time it is time for your wedding, or you might find one that you like more close to the time of the big day.

Plan Out Your Budget

Before booking your first appointment:

  1. Consider how you will be paying for the gown first.
  2. Ask yourself whether you, your partner or family will be covering it.
  3. If someone else is paying, come up with a limit to stay within that budget or pay the difference to buy the dress you desire. You should also add other costs into the budget.

If you want to keep your spending limited to $2,000, you should not buy a gown that costs that much. You need to also factor in other expenses, including tailoring, accessories, and cleaning and preserving the gown.

Decide on Your Wedding Theme In Advance

Before doing dress shopping, it is strongly suggested to have an idea of what your wedding theme should be, whether that be a fantastical fairytale-themed wedding or a unique Bohemian-themed one. Make sure to keep the venue and theme in mind while looking for gowns, since you would not want your dress to clash.

Find the Right Bridal Salon For You

Do some digging before you start making your first few appointments. You do not want to waste time at a shop that does not sell the dresses you like or are not within your price range. Call the boutique or salon ahead of time to find out about its inventory before making a visit. Also, do not hesitate to get referrals from married friends or check online reviews to find credible shops.

Wear Heels to the Appointment

There are some bridal salons that offer high heels you can borrow, but that is also not the most hygienic option. You can avoid that by bringing your own pair of heels that you plan on wearing on your wedding day. This will help give you a better idea of what the dress will look like.

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