Finding the perfect wedding dress is a once in a lifetime experience and the shopping process is meant to be fun. Regardless of your body type and preferences, you will be able to find the gown you’ve always wanted.
If you’re a curvaceous woman and feel as though shopping for a gown will be a challenge, do not stress because the following advice will help you find the bridal gown you’ve always dreamed of:

Never feel intimidated

Entering a bridal salon can feel scary, especially when you don’t see anything in your size, but do not let this intimidate you because what you see is not everything that the store has. Many salons order dresses in only one size due to costs and space but that doesn’t mean they can’t order it in your size if there’s a dress that you really love. Bridal stores take measurements and dress designers can create gowns of all sizes, so don’t walk away if you don’t immediately see your size because you’re only looking at a sample.

Do your research

Not every bridal store is the same and doing some homework will help you locate stores that carry plus size sample gowns for you to try on. Call in advance to see if they have a selection of gowns in your size and check availability. Some boutiques may not have what you’re after and researching in advance will prevent you from wasting your time. Do your homework so that you only make appointments at bridal stores that carry the types of dresses you want.

Love your body throughout the process

Even when you don’t come across a dress in your size, remember that there’s another store that will have exactly what you’re after or you may be able to order it in your size so don’t feel discouraged. Own your look and your curves and have fun because bridal gown shopping is exciting! Choose a gown that shows off your curves if that’s what you want and do not be afraid to wear the dress you love as long as you’re comfortable in it.

Don’t feel pressured into buying a gown you don’t love

Being a curvy or plus size woman does not mean you have to settle for a mediocre dress or that you have to choose a gown that is recommended for your body type. Remember that it’s your special day and you should wear the gown you want.

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