Planning your wedding day can be particularly stressful since you have a series of things you need to decide on. Whether it is your dress, the venue, figuring out the invitations, catering, entertainment plus all the big and small details of your wedding, the list seems endless and the amount of work can be intimidating. Making a small checklist for your planned tasks can be a great way to start putting things in order. 

Starting in advance

Getting started is your first big break to making progress as far as your wedding plan goes. It is best to start way in advance so you have adequate time to explore options, negotiate prices and select something you want rather than something compromised. 

Determining a budget

It is best to determine the total budget and allocate funds to different things before you go amok with the finances. Your wedding is a happy time for you and your family and it is important for you to enjoy it without being burdened by financial pressure. Deciding on the budget and sticking to it no matter what will help you to spend sensibly. 

Choosing a wedding dress

One of the most critical things to decide is your wedding dress. Choosing a wedding dress can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t know the right place to look for it. Luckily Ontario brides have it easy. A visit to Bella Mia Bridal, a bridal gown store with exquisite designs at great prices, makes wedding dress shopping so easy. With their team of specialists who understand your requirements, budget and individual style, you are likely to find your dream wedding dress from so many options. 

Makeup and photography

Bridal photography is a specialized area and so is bridal makeup. Remember to meet up with a few makeup artists and photographers to choose whose style suits you best. You can also take a trial of the makeup before the actual wedding day wearing a similar colour dress so that you can see the overall look. 

Invitations, flowers and cakes & entertainment

It is best to keep a theme in mind when you are choosing invitations, flowers, cake and entertainment for your wedding. Try to stick to a particular colour scheme, preferably also the same colour palette for your wedding dress. Usually, neutral shades and sharp contrasts work. You can try a red and white or red and beige theme or even purple and pink theme if you want more colours. Discuss your flower arrangement beforehand and place orders in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Back up

Finally, make sure that you have someone with you all through these preparations, maybe a cousin or a friend, who will know every detail of your wedding. Remember that on your wedding day you will not be available to coordinate and speak to the vendors, caterers and photographers. It is better to have a back up with you, someone who is responsible and reliable to take charge in case of any issues on your wedding day. 

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